A Week in the Life of ...
A Week in the life of is a representation of physical experience through a digital medium.
My focus at the time was fully on the applications of data, its visualizations and its functionality in describing a visual narrative.

My goal was to identify heart rate with interactions and emotions both physically and online.
Wearing a fitbit device for a week, I collected my heart rate constantly for 7 days, and used the Fitbit Introday API, Google Spreadsheets, and html to process the heartrate value and timestamp, and source both local and web files to each data point.

To document accurate, multi-platform and constant images, I conducted an analysis of my social media time-stamped activity, browser history, and photography documentation on my iPhone.

The final piece is a simplistic, treasure-hunt for the viewer, to try and get perspective on the subject, their interactions, and the story the heart rate had to tell.

Scroll along. The top images represent the physical and the bottom represent digital.