Pixel Reader

Designing an Interaction
In 2015 I was obsessed with the relationship between the digital world and the physical.
With the Internet of Things on its way, and wearables tracking our activities 24/7,
I spent alot of time exploring how these things work.
One of the manifestations of this, is an interactive color reader and "game"

Written in Java in Processing, I wrote a program that reads the pixels on a video input,
identifies a chosen color, and places an object on it.
The result is a random, creative interaction that is comparable to Snapchat filters or Kinect technology.
To use, the user only has to hover over the color selection, and press 1,2,3,4, or 5.
Each number has an object waiting to display.
The final project can be either a "canvas" like experience, or an interactive camera.

Pixel Reader





User Experience




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